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Where does your positive purpose lead?


To support organisations & projects focused on social & environmental good come to life & thrive! 

Sustainable Development Consulting




Marketing &

  Collaboration with purpose & passion


Whether you are just starting out on your journey & are looking to clarify your strategy, or are already in the throws of a big project & simply need people power to turn great ideas into impactful action - collaboration is key. Together we will give wings to the visions you burn for.  


Higher Order Strategy promises to listen intently & understand your specific goals, in order to support in the most relevant way to your cause. This is not about providing a rigid set of services but getting to the core of the positive impact you want to achieve & bringing it to life, so that the benefits can be felt by the groups & environments it is aimed at helping. 


UN Sustainable Development Goals & B Corps

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are used when taking on projects as a guiding beacon in pursuing missions that are focused on a combined force for good. Equally, specialist support can be provided for companies adopting a B Corp ethos or embarking on becoming B Corp certified. 

Together, we are building

a more considerate & sustainable future

to be proud of


When you are working on projects that have real meaning, you want partners who beat to the same rhythm. 

Here are the values that Higher Order Strategy is built upon.
Do they strike a cord with you?


Holistic Vision

Social & Environmental Connection



Empathy With Compassion

Lets light the way...

Sustainable Development Support With...



You have a brilliant idea but have not yet defined the foundation & pillars of a solid concept. For success you need 100% clarity on what you stand for & the desired impact your mission has.  

  • Mission & Vision Definition

  • Organisational Strategy

  • Sustainability Strategy

  • Alignment with SDGs

  • B-Corp Certification 

  • Market Positioning



The goal of what you want to achieve is clear, but the plan of how to get there is not. Or perhaps the path is set but you simply need some extra people power to implement into beneficial action. 

  • Project Conceptionalisation 

  • KPI/Review Processes

  • Implementation Plans

  • Project Management

  • Milestone Definition

  • Timeline Management



Collectively we are capable of anything. To increase the scope of your mission for good, collaboration is key. Together we identify the fitting opportunities to scale up the level of positive impact.  

  • Network/Affiliation cooperartions

  • Growth Opportunity Identification

  • Brand Establishment & Building

  • Effective Team Leadership 

  • Community Building

  • Public Affairs

Marketing & Communication


You know what you are about & where you are headed. Now its time for clear,  engaging communication via suitable 

channels to make sure your message is recieved by the right audience

  • Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Website Content /SEO

  • Blog Management

  • Email Marketing

  • PR Campaigns

  • Social Media

Every project is different & my priority is to understand your purpose to see how I can most suitably support. Even if it emerges that I am not the person best able to assist, I may well know just the right one amongst my network! 

For those of us

in the priviledged position of being able to create & lead 


let's make sure they count!

Shared Values


When you are working with external partners, ensuring alignment with you and your company’s values is still absolutely imperative. 

Social & Environmental Connection

Knowing that every action has consequences for others, therefore conscienciously choosing paths for positive improvement. What good is legacy when it doesn't help our shared world!


Relentlessly maintaining the highest moral and ethical principles. Consistantly and honestly asking if this is the right persute for wider society and the environment. 


Being bold and creative enough to look beyond the normal and accepted ways of today, in order to innovate and build a better tomorrow. The ability to learn from what we know and grow continuously.


Identifying and serving goals that are true to ourselves. No individual will solve all problems, but each of us can use our strengths to tackle specific challenges. Come as you are.

Empathy With Compassion

We are all part of the same bigger picture, yet each have our differences. We do no judge or discrimate, but strive to understand and support, using our fortunte to deminish the misfortune of others. 


Finally, but by no means least, remaining driven to ask challenging questions and say no to stagnant corporate norms or social narratives. Bravely forging new paths that make more sense for a healthier world.

Charlotte Horder

The Face Behind Higher Order Strategy


Hi, I am Charlotte. 

My fire burns for sustainable development and I unequivocally believe that every choice we make can drive positive change. My mission is to empower individuals and companies in using their voices and actions as a force for good. Even the smallest positive activity counts, but when like-minded individuals combine their strengths to achieve a common goal, thats when the magic happens!

For this reason I use my professional expertise gained over 10+ years in both for-profit and non-profit sectors to breath life into purpose driven visions that benefit our society and the environment. 


Collaboration and strategic alignment is key, therefore I am committed to serve initiatives supporting the UN Sustainable Development goals. I am a member of Catalyst 2030 and am 100% dedicated to my role as a certified B Leader to drive business as a force for good.

Want to know a little more?

Here are 8 facts about me:


I burn passionately for sustainable development

A sustainable future is the only type of future I want to be part of. Throughout my life there has been a constant thread of compassion yet concern for the environment and social equality. From being mesmerized by the words of David Attenbourgh in BBC documentaries as a child, writing my Master Thesis on Corporate Social Responsibility, to my professional commitment to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, B Corp Movement and Purpose Economy. 


My strength lies in holistic, strategic thinking

In order to achieve meaningful impact, having an understanding of the bigger picture is a must. These days we have countless options and increasingly limited time which means identifying and prioritising the right activities that serve your purpose is invaluable. If your core mission is not yet clear, let’s go back to the roots and get clarity first.


I give clarity to complex project management

Throughout my career I have run a host of cross departmental, multi-faceted projects. Thanks to my people skills and conceptional thinking, I am good at getting the right people in the boat to row in the same direction. Creating clear and easily understandable steps to a project is mission critical for success. I am no fan of complicated jargon, chances are your teams and customers are also not.


One of my favourite challenges is tailoring stakeholder communications

During both my Bachelor degree in Business Studies and International MBA in Strategic Management, Marketing and Communications has been my ongoing elected focus. Locations, backgrounds and interests have a huge impact on how to reach certain target groups. I love the task of identify the right words and channels to engage with different stakeholders.


I am an avid explorer & most happy in nature

My English & Irish roots set my international foundations. I have an absolute fascination for different cultures, which has led me on adventures far and wide. I have been fortunate to spend time in stunning places, from solstice camping in Alaska, through the steppes of Mongolia and rainforest reserves of Borneo, all the way to the Franz Joseph Peak in New Zealand. Travelling has opened my eyes, given me appreciation for the opportunities I have and taught me not to forget the simplicity of the really important things in life.


My ears are perhaps my best quality

We all have them yet use them to a wildly different extent. I use my listening skills to the fullest in order to understand which problems need to be overcome and in which direction a project should go. I do not try to sell a certain set of expertise, but aim to understand your specific goals in detail to see how I can support. If I feel I am not quite the right partner, I will be honest in telling you so and do my best to put you in contact with the right person.


I have been referred to as (social) glue

I am in my element when dealing with people and seem to be a natural community builder. A fundamental belief of mine is that we are stronger together and I take great pleasure in bringing people together to collaborate. Hence having been referred to as ‘glue’ in both in social and professional settings. 


I am lucky to know some incredibly talented friends and partners

The support I offer my customers is very varied from the more straightforward Marketing activities through to, long-term project management and strategy creation. As an independent consultant I cannot offer every skill-set, I am however very fortunate to have a great network of like-minded and simply brilliant partners that I work with, from Designer to Software Developers. Together we can put the right team together to 


Its time to breathe life into your vision!


Please leave a short email via the form, or call directly on: 
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